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WingTsun System

WT is the complete system covering all of the 5 ranges in unarmed selfdefence, which are;

Kicking – Longest unarmed range
Punching – Most common range for self-defence
Elbows & Knees – Closer than Punching Range
Stand-Up Grappling – Shortest unarmed stand-up range
Anti Ground Fighting – Groundwork

We begin by teaching how to defend against the punching range, as this is the most common range for attacks to begin. Whilst being a traditional martial art, our teaching of the system is constantly reflecting realistic self-defence situations, and adapts to suit the needs of today’s society. Remember, WT is a martial art and self-defence system, not a martial “sport” which focusses on how to fight in controlled environments such as a ring, in competitions, or how to score points in sparring.

WingTsun is a system based on concepts & principles, not hundreds of fixed techniques. These simple principles apply in all situations and can be learnt by anyone, without requiring a high level of strength, flexibility, stamina or overall fitness to perform them.

Adult Classes

Thanks to the sophistication and principles behind WingTsun, it can be trained by anyone regardless of physical fitness, weight, age or height.

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