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SiHing Kevin Page

1st Technician Grade

Head Instructor


Telephone : 07742 228103

Email : kevinpage@ewto.co.uk


Kevin started training WingTsun kung-fu,with Sifu Warren Ash, in spring 2008 at the Tunbridge Wells school. He progressed through the student grades 1-12,every time learning great techniques to overcome and defeat any would be attackers. It never really occurred to Kevin to become an instructor until a fellow student made a passing comment that hewould make a good instructor.

With time the idea of working towards being an instructor became his goal within WingTsun. After talking to Sifu Warren Ash and kind words of encouragement from Sifu Damion James he decided to open his own school. In July 2010 he opened Ashford,Kent, which is growing and developing into a good standard school.

During his time learning WingTsun he has have attended many seminars with the Masters and most notably with Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht. It was at this seminar with Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht that he achieved my 1st technician grade

To Kevin the beauty of this art lies in the simplicity and efficiency of movement,that the smallest of adjustments makes the biggest of differences. In 2011 he is going to grow his school and develop the standard within it, and to attend more seminars and train more so he can improve his own art and become a better instructor.

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