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SiHing Barry Wells

2nd Degree Technician

Regional Instructor for Leeds, England
- EWTO England


Telephone : 07979 206757

Email : barrywells@ewto.co.uk


Sihing Barry has been training in martial arts for over 10years, he has trained in Karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Escrima (Master Bill Newman & Sifu Damien James) and WingTsun Kung Fu (sihing Nick Pepper & with Grand Master Kernspecht). In 2006 Sihing Barry moved to Leeds to start his own WingTsun School. After finding a house big enough he began teaching in his front room.
After only a few weeks he had enough students to rent out a local primary school dinner hall for classes. Now with the support from National Coordinator Sifu Damien James, he has opened up a full time location within walking distance of the city centre.

With his extensive training and martial arts experience Sihing Barry will be able to create a martial arts programme to suit you needs and expectations.

“I look forward to helping you achieve you goals in martial arts and WingTsun Kung Fu” – Sihing Barry

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