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SiFu Warren Ash

3rd Degree Technician

Regional Instructor for South East England
- EWTO-England


Telephone : 07834 077372

Email : warrenash@ewto.co.uk


Sifu Warren Ash is the Head Instructor for the South East of England and is currently training for his 4th Technician.

Sifu discovered WingTsun Kung Fu over 7 years ago and was so fascinated by it he devoted his life to it, teaching and training 5/6 days a week.

He started his first school in Tunbridge Wells nearly 6 years ago and the school is thriving today. Sifu has ceated many Technicians at the school through the years. The school has also created many instructors that have opened their own schools in Ashford, Bromley, Brighton, Hastings and with more clubs opening soon, the South East region is growing.

Sifu Warren has also trained the Philippine stick fighting Art of Escrima and went to Germany with the England team in 2007 and competed in the International championships with some success.

As well as his personal training in England he has travelled to many International seminars and trained on numerous occasions with the EWTO Masters and Leung Ting and also assisted Sifu Damion in hosting Grandmaster Kernspecht and Master Oliver Konig seminars back in England.

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