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Kung Fu and Karate are umbrella terms for styles of martial arts, and each have many sub-styles within them. The key difference lies mainly in their origin. Karate is from Japan and means empty hand, whilst Kung Fu is from China and means hard work.

Many of our students train our Martial Art to improve their fitness without the long term financial commitment from the gym. WingTsun Kung Fu will develop your toning, stamina, cardiovascular & aid in weight loss. It also develops your mental fitness, making your mind sharper & more alert, whilst at the same time teaching you the skills needed to keep yourself safe. We are an effective self defence system that is trained with respect & control in a friendly & fun environment.


Adult Classes

Thanks to the sophistication and principles behind WingTsun, it can be trained by anyone regardless of physical fitness, weight, age or height.

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Kids Classes

Our Martial Art has an internationally successful Life Skills & Character Education programme for children.

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